Life and Times

Monday, March 22, 2010


For the past 2 years we have been struggling financially. Nothing seems to be giving. First of all, we were broke so I could not fly out to see Koen when he was born and 2 months later he passed away. I borrowed money to fly out to Oregon to be with Jake. Of course I had no vacation time so of course we got behind. So we spent the next year trying to catch up and then just when we start to get caught up I get another phone call and mom only has a few days. So again I borrow enough to fly out. When I get back I've spent the last year trying to catch up again. In the past year our stove has gone out, our refrigerator and now my truck needs $500.00 worth of tires. I can't even drive my truck until its fixed since both front tires have separated. I took on a second job but have only worked a week. I am so sick of being broke and having something broken and can't fix it. Is the time going to come when I am actually caught up? At this point I don't think it will. How much more can I work to make it happen?
Maybe if I bury my head in my blankets for a while and not come out it will be better when I do come out. I can't take much more. Something has to give.