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Saturday, August 29, 2009


So what do you do when you are home for a weekend? My life consists of mostly house cleaning, trying to get the energy for yardwork and any other thing that might come up during the weekend, This weekend I decided I deserved a do nothing weekend. Why you might ask? Well just because I work hard all week and last weekend I did a ton of yard work even though it doesn't look like much. Now most people can probably relate to the 1 flowerbed to weed and make look good. So how much work is it for one flowerbed? Mine took me hours to weed out and then put mulch in. I am not as resiliant as I used to be. I get exhausted just thinking about yardwork much less actually doing it. I worked in the yard last weekend so this weekend my total plan is to do nothing but fold laundry and wash dishes. What a wonderful weekend for me! I am a normal lazy person and could just hang on the couch all day just to watch reruns of movies I've seen hundreds of times. I have no problem with this. I have known many people who are busy every day of the week. Where does their energy come from? Mine lasts until I get home from work and then it dies for the most part. I wish I had the energy a 2 year old has. I could get so much done.
Of course up until a few weeks ago I would have slept in until whenever but now we have a puppy who is like a child and is wide awake and ready to play at 6:00 every morning! ugh! At least she goes to sleep when we do so we're not fighting with her most nights when it is time for bed.
I tell you, if I had the energy that I had when I was 20 I would get so much done. I've always been a tired person but I hate being worn out from basic stuff.....This old thing sucks big time!


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