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Saturday, July 18, 2009

To Be Glad or Sad?

So Jake had finally decided to do something with his life and he decided to join the Marine Corp. I was mixed on my feelings about this but overall happy because I knew it would get him away from his immediate influences and also give him a steady paycheck with insurance etc. So he left for boot camp in May. As much as I missed him I knew he would do well. He is the type that when he decides something he puts his whole heart into it. So within a couple of weeks he is made squad leader of his troop. So I know he is doing his hardest to succeed. Then in one swoop he is in the medical unit with a dislocated shoulder. He spends the next 6 weeks in the medical waiting for a decision as to whether he can go back to training or not. Finally he gets an MRI done and the results of his MRI from Oregon are compared and shows several tears in his rotator cuff. So he is unable to return to training to finish. They will be sending him home. So for me should I be sad and upset he wasn't able to finish or be happy that he will be where I can talk to him daily again? For me I am happy and sad. I had wanted him to finish because I am afraid he will go back to the influences he had before he left and not go back to school which is his plan. I can only hope and guide as I have always done. For Jake I know it is a disappointment but as I said he did his best to try to finish. His physical therapist in the medical said he has a real good party trick by being able to pop his shoulder out and back in place! Not a good thing. I guess also I am glad that he is being sent home because of the wars going on because he had signed up for combat after training. That really scared me. I would have supported him in every way because I love him and want the best for him but it would have worried me to death. Does a mom ever stop worrying? The answer to that is no!!!!! It only gets worse as they get older I can tell you that.


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