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Friday, June 19, 2009

Shopping with men

Ok so we are women and most of us have been shopping with men. What is your experience? Was it a good experience? Have you found a man that likes to shop?

Here's my experience:

You decide you need some things so you get in your vehicle and drive to Wal-Mart or the Mall. In my experience most men avoid the Mall so Wal-Mart is as close as you get to shopping with a man. If you want to go to the mall for something special or even just to look around you have to go with a girlfriend. The mall usually means spending money a man wants to hold onto.

So here you are in the vehicle and he's driving to the store. Now because the words "shopping" was involved he is automatically in a hurry to get there and get home. You drive into the parking lot and every person in the way is an idiot for just being there and in our way of parking. you park the vehicle and get out and no matter what kind of weather you basically run into the store. Now because women have the naturally shorter legs and stride we are running to keep up with the man who "thinks" he is just walking normal. Inside the store you think ok we'll slow down and just kind of look--wrong! You head for the things on the list with your man and the only things he wants to see are the things in the area of what is on the "basic list". Now if you have shopped with a woman a "list" means you jot down a few things that you are out of and then you look through the rest of the store so you can remember the things you have missed. Men only see the things on the list and that is all they want to look for. When they have run through the store gathering up the few items they saw or wrote on the list that is the end of the shopping, it's time to leave and head back home. If you forgot something because you didn't put it on the list then it can be bought on another day there is no looking around for other things.
If you want to just "look" then you need to go shopping with another woman who understands that shopping means looking in the real sense of the word. You get the things you may have on your list but you look just to see what else you might want or need.
Have you been there??
I'm sure with all women we have all at one time or another been there. Think about it, how was your experience? Same or different? I venture to say that it was close to the same.


  • At July 2, 2009 at 8:58 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I hate to go shopping with men, you don't get to shop, just go buy what you need then leave! But if they go to a garage sale they can look at a box of nuts and bolts that is marked $2.00 for the whole box and they will dig through the whole box for an hour to decide if it is worth the $2.00. What a joke.


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