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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Having 2 children in the military can be challenging. When Jessy, my oldest son, joined the Marine Corp I was pretty much shocked. He had mentioned it once or twice but never seriously. Then I get a phone call one night as I was working at the American Legion from him and he needed a few things for the recruiter. To my surprise he was joining at that moment. After joining he left for boot camp in San Diego, CA. To his surprise I went to his graduation and made it also to his family day. I had told him I wouldn't be able to make it for family day but drove all night after flying 7 1/2 hours to the base to make it in time for his family time. We had a wonderful time with Jean, my best friend in Oreon and Jake, my youngest son, just walking around the base museum, having dinner, taking pictures and just spending time together. My first impression was "is this the same child that joined?" He was so polite saying "yes ma'am" and opening doors and such for me. Man what a change. He has been in the Marine Corp for almost 2 years now and is stationed in CA after an 8 month tour in Iraq. I am very happy he is home safe from Iraq. All the mothers out there that have kids in the military or husbands or any other family member will understand the worry and stress when you don't hear from your loved one for a few days. You think the worst and hope for a word from them. It stresses you out completely. Now my youngest Jacob has joined the Marine Corp also and is in boot camp. When he joined it was not a surprise as he told me he was going to join. I have only heard from him once in a letter and a very short phone call. I worry for him as his life has been in shambles for a year with the loss of his son Koen. He is a very sensitive, very loving kid and I hope and pray that he will be ok. He is very tough so I know he will do good in that respect. How do we mom's deal with children int he military in this day and age? We try to support their decision, we continue to love them, and support them and help them in every way that we can. I cannot tell you the times I have been on the phone trying to figure something out for one or the other of my kids and will continue to do so.My children as most mother's are my life! I love them with all my heart and would do anything for them if I could. My only hope for them is that they will find happiness, true love, and peace of mind.


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