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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My!!!

I've been hunting and fishing and camping my entire life so I've come in contact with many animals in my time. Living in Florida has brought a whole new light to the meaning of "bug". I had heard that the bugs here were huge but I just put it off knowing I had been in Oregon and had camped my whole life. ha what a joke on me!!
When we first moved here we stayed with the in-laws for about 2 months as our house was not ready to move into. Well stress of living with in-laws was enough and a break-in at our house was enough to convince us to move into our house. In the very beginning we were replacing the floors so we had planks across the joists for walking on some areas until we could put the floors down after pulling out the old floors. We also moved here without any furniture or anything but special items so we had a mattress on the floor in one room that hadn't been touched yet. So one night I am laying in bed watching tv, Ron is sleeping and I need to use the bathroom so I get up and walk maybe 2 feet to the hallway and switch the hall light on and all around me are "Palmetto bugs". Now to Floridians these are just harmless bugs but to me they are GIANT cockroaches. There had to be 50 of them around me on the floor and walls. I jumped from the hallway to the middle of the mattress on the bed screaming "they are surrounding us!" "wake up", "do something". Ron wakes up, looks around and says "it's ok they won't hurt anything". ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! These are huge monsters around my room, on the walls, by my bed and I am supposed to ignore them???? So I convince him (not so patiently) that this is not acceptable that he needs to do something. So he gets up, sprays bug spray, lays back down and goes back to sleep. So what now? Am I supposed to sleep?? Yeah right! I end up awake all night and spend the next few months spraying the room where we sleep every day just to make sure. Now mind you, these do not hurt you or anything but it freaked me out in a serious way. So now we have all our furniture, floors and all so no worries right? WRONG! I go out the door to let our new puppy out the other night and i see this huge thing crawl across the porch. It stops on the step so I brave enough to look and it's a HUGE spider. I yell for Ron and he says it's a Wolf Spider and no worries. YEAH RIGHT! This thing is the size of my fist and on my step outside and I'm not supposed to worry??
There are many times I question the move here and these were two of them but no matter what I have chosen Florida to live and I do love it here. The weather is awesome, our house is so quiet to sit outside on the porch in the mornings and listen to the sounds of nature not the sounds of city. I know it was the right thing at the time and still is for us. BUGS and all!!!


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