Life and Times

Saturday, August 29, 2009


So what do you do when you are home for a weekend? My life consists of mostly house cleaning, trying to get the energy for yardwork and any other thing that might come up during the weekend, This weekend I decided I deserved a do nothing weekend. Why you might ask? Well just because I work hard all week and last weekend I did a ton of yard work even though it doesn't look like much. Now most people can probably relate to the 1 flowerbed to weed and make look good. So how much work is it for one flowerbed? Mine took me hours to weed out and then put mulch in. I am not as resiliant as I used to be. I get exhausted just thinking about yardwork much less actually doing it. I worked in the yard last weekend so this weekend my total plan is to do nothing but fold laundry and wash dishes. What a wonderful weekend for me! I am a normal lazy person and could just hang on the couch all day just to watch reruns of movies I've seen hundreds of times. I have no problem with this. I have known many people who are busy every day of the week. Where does their energy come from? Mine lasts until I get home from work and then it dies for the most part. I wish I had the energy a 2 year old has. I could get so much done.
Of course up until a few weeks ago I would have slept in until whenever but now we have a puppy who is like a child and is wide awake and ready to play at 6:00 every morning! ugh! At least she goes to sleep when we do so we're not fighting with her most nights when it is time for bed.
I tell you, if I had the energy that I had when I was 20 I would get so much done. I've always been a tired person but I hate being worn out from basic stuff.....This old thing sucks big time!

Monday, August 24, 2009

yard work

Why is it that yardwork takes so much out of us? I decided to be constructive this weekend and do yardwork.
I started working around our fire pit. I raked, gathered branches, burned, picked up glass. This process took about 2 hours or so all the while the dogs are running and playing. Then I moved to a flowerbed by our back door. The flowerbed basically only has aloe vera and roses in it but the weeds had taken over and since it is by the door that we always use I wanted to start there. I set out pulling weeds, using a little hand rake. I pulled and pulled thinking that the weeds were multiplying as I pulled. I finally finished the weeding and then hauled pine mulch to put over the sand to make it look nice and to hopefully keep the weeds from coming back as readily. The finished product looks really nice but man is my back killing me. My arms are sore, the back of my legs are sore, my lower back is sore. I must be getting old, I just can't handle that many hours of yardwork anymore. So today I am home, sleeping, resting and doing absolutely nothing. Unfortunately I have another flowerbed in the front yard I want to do next weekend. I will take it slower and gradual so I don't wear myself out this time. My body just can't take the pain!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Koen Hanson   (December 8, 2007 - February 4, 2008) - Memorial Website

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Having Puppies

We got a new puppy about a week ago. She is adorable. I went to Pet Smart to look at kittens and puppies. There were 2 rescues there with dogs and cats all over. So I'm walking around and these people were carrying this black puppy who looks just like what I want. I walk up and start talking to them and they say they cannot adopt her. I picked her up and she snuggled up into my neck. What are you going to do? So I'm thinking wow she is so adorable, ron will kill me. But I decided that we had wanted another puppy and she was exactly what we wanted. Now I like to adopt from rescues or the humane society because all animals have all their shots, they are spayed or neutered, and have the microchip. So I filled out the paperwork and paid and they gave me puppy food, flea medicine and heartgard for the puppy. I drive home and when I get home I carry her in and put her in Ron's lap. He looks at me and says "what is this". I said this is Sadie. Of course then she gives him puppy kisses (she licked his neck) and he is in love instantly. It turns out that she loves Ron and follows him around all over. He gives her little chewies and she has him wrapped around her little paw. The downside to having a puppy is getting up every 2 hours at night to take her outside. I am very tired. The other part is going out every hour during the day and making sure she doesn't chew the house down. All in all she is doing really good and actually listens some for a small puppy. She has found a home and we will love her just like all our animals. I know many people put their dogs outside but I never have. I keep them in with me. I feel if your animal has to stay on a chain all the time then you should not have one. Pets need attention and puppies take alot of attention and time. We love ours and I know that I have saved 2 from either bad homes or euthenasia so I feel good.
If you want a pet, remember the time and money to care for them and please adopt from a rescue or from the humane society. This saves pets and helps the community as well.